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Monday, March 15, 2010

Subaru Legacy Wagon JDM, 2010

Subaru Legacy Wagon JDM, 2010

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, announced the launch of the fully redesigned Subaru Legacy series across Subaru dealerships in Japan.

Under the product concept of "Grand Touring Innovation", the fifth-generation new Legacy offers a comfortable passenger compartment and excellent environmental considerations, while further enhancing its unique driving performance and safety, featuring Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) with a Horizontally-Opposed (BOXER) engine as Subaru's core technology.

In addition to focussing on enhancing "Driver's fun", a key value carried on consistently since the first generation, the new Legacy was developed to create new values such as "Passenger's fun" and "Eco performance", under the concept of "Grand Touring and Innovation".
* Driver's fun - Superior driveability and the enjoyment of driving which have been pursued since its first introduction.
* Passenger's fun - Spacious and comfortable compartment for all passengers to enjoy while driving.
* Eco performance - Confidence in driving and safety with enhanced environmental considerations.

With boldness and presence as a theme, newly designed exterior evokes not only comfortable and ample passenger compartment, but also Legacy's sporty look and high functionality.

Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon: Best balance of functionality and comfortable interior space. B4 (Sedan): Legacy's sportiness inherited from the predecessor. Outback: Enhanced image of boldness and toughness.
For Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon and Outback, the D-pillars were re-envisioned to project freshness, with Legacy's characteristics maintained.
Chrome mouldings around the windows accentuate presence with a quality feel.

The new interior design imparts a feeling of spaciousness and comfort as well as quality emphasized by shading expressions and material texture.
The seats with wide seating surface and redesigned cushions excel in comfort and support. By increasing the amount of slide and lift of the driver's seat, settings can be more finely tuned to better meet drivers' needs.

Audio and Navigation
Two settings are available for manufacturer equipped options: LEGACY premium sound system with acoustic field tuning, designed specifically for Legacy, and LEGACY McIntosh sound system.
HDD navigation supporting G-BOOK ALPHA is equipped with high-definition VGA8 inch monitor and rear view camera.

2.5-litre SOHC engine
Displacement from the existing 2.0-litre was increased by 500 cc, achieving smooth and comfortable driving with lower-range torque.

2.5-litre DOHC turbo engine
Displacement from the existing 2.0-litre was increased by 500 cc. The peak torque is sustained smoothly from 2,000 rpm to the higher rpm ranges to realize superior driving performance.
The turbocharger unit was placed directly under the forward part of the engine. This layout increases response with smoother turbo-charging and improves fuel economy.
The exhaust system layout including the catalytic converter was optimized, enhancing the exhaust emission control performance.

3.6-litre DOHC engine
Featuring an increased displacement from the existing 3.0-litre engine without significantly growing in size, the new 3.6-litre engine offers excellent driving performance and environmental friendliness with smooth revolution performance and ample torque from the lower rpm ranges. It is also economical by using regular grade fuel.

Transmission - Lineartronic
A chain-type variator (main speed variator) was adopted. The compact design provides legroom in the front seats, while the fuel economy was improved especially in the over-drive range through excellent transfer efficiency.

Transmission - E-5AT
E-5AT with high-density control and a smooth gearshift feeling was adopted. Friction and weight were reduced internally, improving the fuel economy.
The improved downshift blipping control enhances the gearshift response in manual mode. Smooth downshift contributes to reducing shocks when shifting gear.
6-speed manual transmission

In line with "Subaru Dynamic Chassis Control Concept" (Subaru DC3), chassis and body were further advanced to provide a feeling of reliable, comfortable and superior driveability.
A new engine cradle was newly designed as a powertrain mounting system. It not only helps reducing noise and providing more refined ride and stability, but also improves front impact safety.
Strut type and double-wish bone type suspensions are used respectively for the front and rear. Excellent driveability and smooth ride comfort were achieved not only through the installation of the front suspension arm to the cradle, but also through the damper structure modification and the optimized geometry.

Use of high-tensile steel in critical body parts contributes to weight reduction and higher overall rigidity.
The cradle structure mounting characteristics provide lightweight, sufficient strength and rigidity around the front body, providing excellent handling control and stability.
For front impact, the engine cradle frame folds inwards and causes the power unit to slide downwards, thus creating a greater zone of protection for the cabin space. In addition, the structure allows the main frame to absorb the impact more efficiently.
For side impact, the high-tensile steel is used inside the B-pillars and side sills. The energy produced on rear impact is effectively absorbed through the optimized frame construction.
SRS driver's and passenger's airbags, SRS side airbag and SRS curtain airbag are installed (except for 2.5i and 2.5GT).
Newly designed high-strength front seat frames and energy-absorbing headrests provide enhanced protection against whiplash injury in rear-end collision.

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