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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Car Accident Lawyer Attorney, Life Isurance

Car Accident Lawyer Attorney

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With the increasing number of cars on the roads of the US each year, car accidents have unfortunately become a very common sight. Many people die as a result of car accidents, with many more receiving serious injuries. Such injuries and death often leave the victims and their families devastated.

On average, there are more than 6 million car accidents on the roads of the US, annually. More than 3 million people get injured due to car accidents, with more than 2 million of these injuries being permanent. There are in excess of 40,000 deaths due to car accidents every year. Although this is a very high number by itself, some heart can be taken in the fact that statistics show that car accident fatalities have been witnessing a downward trend in recent years.

The majority of car accidents could be avoided only if the drivers would drive more responsibly. About 40% of car accident fatalities occur because of a drunken driver. About 30% of the car accident fatalities can be attributed to driving above the speed limits and 33% and above because of reckless driving that causes the car to go off the road and end up in an accident.

Many car accidents are caused by people talking to other passengers while driving, and others due to drivers playing with the radio while driving. A large percentage is because of eating or drinking while driving, and 25% of car accidents are caused due to talking on a cell phone while at the wheel of the car. These car accident statistics are sad enough on their own, the saddest part being that they could have easily been avoided had drivers been paying more attention to driving and less to other activities.
The outcome of accidents and what to do:
In the United States alone, car accidents are the leading cause of the maximum number of personal injury claims filed in the courts. Due to the increasing number of cars on the road, and everyone in a hurry to get some place or other, many car accidents occur on a daily basis. If you have been injured in a car accident, or have lost someone because of a car accident, you can file a case of personal injury or a wrongful death claim, as the case may be.

Whatever the cause of a car accident, the outcome can be horrific, ranging from serious injuries and permanent disabilities to death. A car accident can change your life forever because the results of the crash can be so devastating and horrifying. From serious personal injury to the wrongful death of a loved one, these accidents can and do have a profound impact on peoples’ lives.

Following a car accident you should seek assistance from a car accident lawyer or attorney as early as possible in order to claim compensation for your injuries. The amount of compensation to which you may be entitled will be dependant upon the injuries sustained, but if you were injured and the accident was not your fault you should be able to claim compensation.

Likewise, if you have lost a loved one through a car accident that was someone else’s fault you may be eligible to make a wrongful death claim. An experienced car accident attorney will be able to offer further advice on whether you are eligible to claim for wrongful death depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. 

It can be very difficult to prove who was to blame in a car accident, unless there are witnesses or the party at fault admits blame. Therefore, you may find that you have been injured or have lost a loved on in an accident but the other driver does not accept the blame. A car accident attorney will be able to put together the pieces and try and prove who was at fault in order to get you compensation for your injuries or losses. 

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